World Movie Awards (WMAs)

The World Movie Awards Organization will host two major events annually. The Regional WMAs and Global WMAs. WMA head office committee in each region will organize the Regional WMAs for each local area.
Our organization will honor and confer its awards to diversified narrative films that promote their local culture. The narrative films must project the traditions and the cultures of the local people. The films must be inspiring, enlightening, and educating enough to allow the viewers to gain knowledge and walk away with an appreciation for one’s culture.

WMAs Requirements

A film cannot depict any external elements/foreign languages unless a different character is in the story line that requires an intercultural communication/exchange. For a film to qualify for the regional awards, the film must proudly promote the language of its people, music, food, dance, traditional clothing, and the way of life in the local areas.

The Regional WMAs

The Global WMAs

The global WMAs are the main award ceremony to showcase the world’s diversified films and cultures. On the worldwide platform, all the twelve  regional headquarters will present its winners.

Great cultural performing art is a requirement for the final WMAs.

The regional winners will have the opportunity to promote/display their traditions and cultures on the global platform and introduce their films to the world. The winners are selected based on excellent diversified content and promotion of culture.

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